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I have been attempting to update the WiFi101's Firmware from 19.4.3 to 19.4.4

I upload the FirmwareUpdater sketch and nothing.
The checkfirmwareversion sketch still indicates a Firmware mismatch.

So far I am getting nowhere.

Has anyone successfully updated the firmware?
If you have would you post the steps that you used to update the WiFi101's Firmare?

It took me several hours to setup the GO language to compile the GO programs to update the certs.
That entire process is documented poorly.
Someone needs to sort that out.



You asked "how" to update the firmware, my question would be "why"?

The first shipment of the WiFi 101 shield came with I think firmware version 19.3.0 which was a stable version provided by Atmel and compatible with the WiFi 101 software at that time. At that time it seemed stable enough and worked fine for me with Arduino software 1.6.5-r5 for me last fall.

If some newer boards come with a newer Atmel WINC1500 firmware version then I would expect some newer released version of the WiFi 101 software to support them, but I have yet to move to it and haven't seen anything posted in this forum about new firmware versions.

You may be able to hack around the WIFI_FIRMWARE_REQUIRED value but I expect our Forum moderator might have to be the one to help sort this out.

I'm sorry that you feel that that entire process is documented poorly, but given that the project is staffed by volunteers I have to remind us that we are getting quite a value for what we are paying for this software, and we do have the opportunity to help improve it.



The latest WiFi101 Firmware is 19.4.4 for both revisions of the board.

I have solved the issue and the WiFi101's Firmware has been updated to 19.4.4

I am writing up the steps and will post the detailed steps to update the WiFi101's Firmware.


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