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While scrolling into Adafruit's Github, I noticed a small line of code added to some lib:

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#if !defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_SAM) && !defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD) && !defined(ESP8266) && !defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_STM32F2) && !defined(ARDUINO_STM32_FEATHER)

As you may know, Feather is the new line of adafruit's development boards, and the ARDUINO_STM32_FEATHER constant could be a good clue to some upcoming board based on STM32F2 CPU : 1MByte flash, 128kBytes ram and 120MHz arm cortex M3 CPU!


Nice. I am waiting for there to be an Arduino board with an ARM SoC that can be used for deep learning algorithms and machine vision. I saw the Arduino Tre announcement a while back, but it seems that developers have either quit on it or there is a problem which they will not tell us. Still, your board is quite impressive on paper and I may get one in the near future.



Code: [Select]
#if defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_STM32F2)


This seems to be the "big thing" : https://www.adafruit.com/product/3056


interesting ...

do they use the same SOIC like the particle photon does ?
--> https://www.particle.io/prototype#photon
(photon "P0"-SOIC = "Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip" + "STM32F205 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3")
arduino powered car relais / car "micro PLC" / with USB --> http://goo.gl/ofWFW3


Yes it is the same one I think. It could be great if the actual core could be used on standalone stm32f205 chip. Not the broadcom one.


It is a lot like the Particle Photon.  Must use far more flash and RAM for systems stuff.

128KB SRAM and 1024KB flash memory (total)
16KB SRAM and 128KB flash available for user code
The Adafruit WICED Feather has several extras over Photon, 2 MB SPI flash and LIPO power.

I like the Particle Photon.  It is easy to modify and build the system firmware since they publish the development tree.  You just modify the source and their makefile builds and downloads the firmware into a Particle Photon.

The Photon is $19 the WICED Feather is $35.

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