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I am working on an educational project that teaches about the process of water treatment using an arduino to automate the process.

I need an aerator that makes bubbles and mixes the water at the same time.

I've seen something similar done a long time ago. If I remember correctly, it was more or less a submersible hobby motor with a 'fan' soldered to the shaft and a tube running down to the 'fan' where the air was sucked in.

Does anyone know of a product that will do this? If not, can anyone explain how I could make one? I can't think of how to put together what I saw.

Here' s video of the aerator I am trying to emulate: Novair 200 YouTube video
Here is a photo:



I'd try something like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:76369 except put an additional impeller on the end. And of course reverse the vacuum from "suck" to "blow".


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One of these,


With a motor in a housing and a propellor may work.

If the motor can be kept out of the water then just a propeller may do.


You might want to stop by a pet (aquarium) store and ask around. They should definitely have submersible "wave" pumps for water circulation since they're used for reef tanks and of course you can get small air pumps.

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