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I was having a hard time starting a print because the first layers were being pulled away from the bed and ruining the start. I have not made a heated bed for my Materia 101.

The MacGyver solution is to pre-heat the bed to a sufficient temperature that would allow the bottom layers to cool at a slower rate, thus keeping the print locked on to the build plate.

Heat the glass plate with the blue painters tape in place in a toaster oven for about 3 or 4 minutes on 400 F. Take the plate out with tongs (careful, it is hot), place the glass plate back on the metal carrier and start your print. It is best to pre-heat your extruder to allow a shorter time for the print to start. You will find that the print starts well, and adherence is much better as the slower cooling will solve the problem.

This will also demonstrate the need for a heated bed.

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