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Which is the best Arduino for beginners?
I had an Arduino Leonardo previously, but it got fried. It exists as one of the retired boards in the Arduino website nowadays.
Though the Uno is older than the Leonardo, it has not yet retired. So, is buying a Leonardo right now, a problem? Both look similar and perform similarly.
Which one should i buy?
Please help


I think Leonardo was an experiment aimed at reduced cost and easier-to-implement USB devices.  But the cost reduction turned out to be relatively insignificant, and not many people cared much about the USB devices, so it made sense to drop it from the product line.  (there are still leonardo-like variants and clones: Arduino Micro, Teensy, various Chinese vendors.)

Uno-like boards has always been the most popular, and they have undergone "evolutionary changes" rather than major replacements.  (The latest was the "R3" modification that adds separate I2C pins.)  Unless you specifically require one of the features provided by Leonardo, I'd get an Uno.


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