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Hey guys I'm Jacob Wagschal and I'm brand new to programming and wasn't sure what's the best way to learn it. I have 0 experience except I tried learning through a few YouTube videos and it wasn't that helpful. I'm from Monsey, NY and there is a local community college that offers programming classes and wasn't sure if maybe that was the best way to learn?


There are a lot of free online tutorials on learning the Arduino flavor of C. I'd look at those first, along with the Examples that are distributed with the Arduino programming environment (Integrated Development Environment, or IDE). You didn't mention the Arduino that you are using. The Arduino Uno is nice because you can use a bazillion plugin shields with it. The Arduino Nano (not Pro Mini) is good as it is very cheap, small, yet still has the USB connection which makes programming easier but using external shields is more difficult. You probably don't need a Mega at this time.


You can also read the information under the Learning tab above.

Another way is to get one of the many books designed for Arduino beginners. It is a matter of how do you learn best?



The good thing about a cc course is that you will get immediate expert feedback in a hands on environment. Plus they will likely have a lot of equipment for you to use.

disclaimer - I run a community college science and engineering program.
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