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I used Arduino Uno to communicate with my SIM800L module and it run perfectly fine with SoftwareSerial.

Now with my program getting larger in size, i need to use Arduino Due due for larger flash storage space, BUT it can only use HardwareSerial.

Beside Adafruit FONA, is there any library that can use HardwareSerial to communicate with SIM800L? Or any example HardwareSerial code that i can peruse it through so i can understand how it works.



I'm facing the same problem since two weeks and I tried numerous solutions but without result !

In this link there is a solution for connecting a GPS module to an arduino DUE using hardware serial ports: http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&p=295462
I modified the SIM800 library regarding to the solution proposed in this forum but it didn't work !

Please keep me in touch if you find a solution.

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