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Hello all,

I am designing a circuit with a lot of different functions.  I should probably admit that I have basically no experience programming a micro-controller.  Here are the things I need my micro-controller to control:

-PIR sensor
-Capacitive touch sensor
-Darkness detector
-PWM dimming (on/off)
-3 mode switch (for switching between the PIR sensor, the light sensor, and the darkness detector)

How much memory does my chip need do you think?  Is there anything I'm not thinking of or failed to mention?

Thanks  :)


It all depends on how complex and big you will want the program to be.   For basic stuff such as a few sensors and switches, I would suggest start with an Uno.   Get an Uno and a breadboard and some components and start with prototyping your circuit and programming it to do something.   Arduino Pro Mini is essentially a smaller version, and has the same processor, ATmega328P.   It is inexpensive and you can solder it right into your final project.   Don't buy just one Arduino, have a couple on hand.   


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Most people start with an UNO and grow from there.

These may be of some interest to you:

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.  I am just learning about MCUs so this will likely be a long process to get my project running.  I'll take your advice and start with the basics.   :)


Ya - grab an Uno. From there, that gives you an excellent baseline to say "I need more X" or "I could have less of X if only it had more Y"
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