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I was born in Europe and spent my first 25 years there.
Now I know why Americans , in general, do not like people who speak-up as I do.
You said it - it is different culture - they confuse open communication with arrogance.
Now I know why  most Americans think that French people are arrogant. Gees.
BTW Charles De Gaulle airport is sooo confusing - up , down, shuttle, down, up....
Did not see much - visibility practically zero. I wonder how AF captain landed, but he did.
PS when I get my camera going ( dead battery)  I'll send you a tribute to Paris , hope soon.



Have a nice day.
Les Shadocks : L'ignorance ne s'apprend pas.


tu as un MP JF ;)


@Vaclav & 68tjs:
If you're wondering where your earlier posts went, well, what with Google Translate's mangling of the French language, and Vaclav's mangling of the English language, plus the lack of quote tags, meaning it was impossible to tell where either started or finished, in the spirit of l'Entente Cordiale, I thought it best to save everyone the confusion.


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