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Hi all,
considering this has already been suggested, but nothing was done with it (https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=308410.0)

I thought I reopened the thread.

I wondered if there are a lot of people who were enthusiastic about putting themselves on a 'arduino users' map. Maybe google maps, maybe something private.

If you would be interested, how would you go about it?

I have given up finding someone in my neighborhood playing with arduino... Seems not so popular on the fringes of Antwerp... But a map could help and could speed this forum up :)


Rock Hill SC
Just got my first one


Hi Kevin 77,

About making a Map, I tried writing down for instance in google maps adress, and I put ARDUINO. It gives the possibility of adding phone numbre and email, which would make things pretty easier.

I consider the map idea an excellent idea, hope it starts up, its just a matter of promoting it.

See ya!!

From Bs As, Argentina


hi !

i would definitely agree to that, it would be very nice to have such a map

have a nice day



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