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hallo Community,

I am new, and I am planing to control around 200 Power LED (warm not RGB) with Arduino. The Power LED from Osram ist without integrated Driver or Transformer, so I have to pick which one best fit with the function I want.

My project is a Geodome, and the LEDs are distributed on the surface all around it. I want every single LED to be control via Infrared (detecting the movement of people), or via a camera sensor (detecting and projecting the movement of people) or with other inputs (i am still thinking about it...).

I want every single LED to be controlled separately ( 1 LED - 1 Address i.e: 200 LED - 200 addresses). the LEDs should be dimmable and react according to the input sensors. (when the people are moving fast etc...)

The LED (DRAGONeye G2) from Osram is without driver and power supply, so i am not sure which driver i should use to control the functions mentioned before...

How it is possible to make it? what are the best drivers or power supplies that fit with Arduino to control every single Power LED?   

I really apperciate any help, links etc...?

Thank you in advance!



According to the datasheet,  which you didn't post,
the Osram part needs 350mA t 3.1V, with a max of 500mA at 3.5V. So you'll need a current controlled driver for each one.
200 LEDs x .35A = 70A of current, so you'll probably want to use several power supplies.
I would suggest a part like this on a PCB with the other components, a uC like 328P, and probably RS485 connections between all the boards and a master that will tell each one which brightness level to set the LED to based on whatever your sensor system is picking up. If camera based, maybe have a Raspberry Pi running that.

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I found the DRAGONeye G2 on sale at £13.72 each.
This means your little project is going to cost £2,744.00 in LEDs alone. That is a lot of money to spend with so little knowledge of what you are doing. I am going to assume that it is someone else's money.


hallo CrossRoads,

thx for your reply, and you are right, i should have posted the pdf file...

do you a know any link with explicit instruction where i can follow? as I said before, i am new but I am planning to know more about the Arduino and its power...

thanks once again for the links you sent!


hallo Grumpy mike,

thanks for your reply! you are right, it is not my money :) and there is a budget for the project...

do you have any hint, link to get more into my project?

Thanks in advance!


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Well here is a list of constant current drivers:-
You will notice that they vary a great deal in price, however given your current skill set it looks like you will need the more ready built type which come out at the same price as the LEDs, so doubling your component cost to just under five and a half grand. Make sure the controller is dimmable.

Then you need a wired chain-able control structure, maybe looking at using an ATtiny chip for each node.

I have done some very big art projects but I would hesitate to take this one on. It is very big and requires a lot of work.
This is one of my last projects, the small things at the bottom are people.

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