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I can't get the Arduino nano to talk to my pc. I´m using blhelisuite and should be able to select com port but there is no option when I click on port. On ver it´s a clear option where I can select comport as you can see in this video (5 min and 37 sec in)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPzfNG9WVk4 .
On version that option is gone as you can see in the picture.

Please help me if you can I compleatly new to Arduino.  


Is your Arduino Nano a clone from Ebay ? then it has the counterfeit FTDI chip. Google for: FTDI 2.0


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septillion, you are right. I searched on Ebay and it was hard to find a cheap Nano with counterfeit FTDI chip.
redrobjem, look at the backside. If you see a CH340G chip, then use the driver in link by septillion. If you seem something else, then it is a counterfeit FTDI chip.

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