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Hi , i need you're help , this is possible to create a communication channel with 2 leds ?

Thanks :D


An LED can both emit and to some degree sense light.  With some help you can possibly make a sender/receiver with 1 led... thus only needing 1 led at each end.

Since LED's are not super sensitive... I doubt it would work very well... or very fast

Or were you talking about a different setup...

details  details


Thanks for you're answer , i have a homework yo do and the question of the  homework is " We can create a communication channel with only 2 leds?"
I think it's not possible , but i want to know what you think about it

Thanks :)


Two ir leds and 2 ir receivers, yes. The homework question is very wooley. Is that all it said?


If we both know Morse code or other agreed standard and use LEDs like Aldis lamps then that's a communication channel using only two LEDs (as far as I'm concerned.)
You should try a web-search some time ("communication with 2 LEDs") -
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