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I do know the regular things with how to use the arduino and stuff ,but I was wondering how to get into the more complicated projects. As I have been trying to start I really want to get into robotics so as that comes I want your best opinion on where to get parts and what parts get.


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I wish I had Gordon McComb's Robot Builder's Bonanza 4th Ed. back when I was first starting to build robots. Gordon provides a lot of great information in his book.

I purchase a lot of my robot stuff off ebay and HobbyKing. I don't purchase servos from ebay. I've received too many junk servos from ebay sellers.

HobbyKing's servos are pretty good. I use a lot of these in my projects.

I purchase most of my LiPo batteries from HobbyKing. I also purchase wires and connectors from them.

There are plenty of great sources for parts these days. Parallax, Pololu, SparkFun and Adafruit all make and sell good stuff. These sources tend to have higher quality than HobbyKing or ebay.

I also get a lot of parts from ElectroDragon and ICStation.

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