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Hi turla2,
I try some thing that you instruct but the screen to the left, my FTF same as #luxxtek
The touch is ok. please help me.

Sorry, I take picture by webcam so it is a mirro.


#turla2 thanks for your shared file UTFT.cpp, It works.
I wrong way to copy to the path, it have the path in :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\TFT\UTFT


Hi! I'm try to calibrate my TouchScreen & Mega:
That's how it works. This is my setup myTouch(6,5,4,3,2); . Top calibrate the screen example Utouch .  

And the most important. After downloading the program for me I have to reboot the system by disconnecting the USB cable. During calibration, follow the instructions on the screen.
and I'm got error:
cc1plus.exe: out of memory allocating 1677721600 bytes

exit status 1
Error of compilation for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.

Can anybody to help me?



First off.   Please verify that you actually have the display in message #1.

Then describe / post a photo of your Adapter shield and wiring.

These displays are fairly common.   There are several makes of adapter Shields.

I do not have one.    I bet that several members might have the same hardware as you.



Dear all,
I know this is little old… Never the less I hope you can help me out.
I have the same configuration, same Mega, same shield, same TFT. Everything works fine. But now I have to get rid of the shield, because I need access to some other Pins at the Mega. So I made the wiring by myself incl 10k resistors. When I run the same sketch again, the display works still perfect, but the touch function does not work anymore! I made no changes same pins for myTouch (myTouch(6,5,4,3,2);) Can somebody help me, or give me a hint what is wrong to get the touch function work again (of course without shield)???
Thanks for your support.


Go on.   Each message has a number e.g. #21

Please quote which message number you are referring to.    Either by saying the message number or by pasting relevant text.

Likewise,   please post a link to your purchase,  post a photo of the pcb,   or simply confirm that "TFT_320QVT_9341" is printed on the pcb.


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