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I just took ownership of my first Materia.
I am an experienced hobby CNC machinist so mush of the technology is familiar to me.
I am also very experienced with Arduino and Atmel AVR so hoping o make my own improvements and share these with the community.

The printer looks to be of awesome quality but I have a question on Z height and Bed Calibration as the manual is not clear.

A gcode calibration file is provided. I assume I load and run it but reading the code I dont see it prompting me to change the height via the Thumbscrew.

I looked for forum posts on this but none were any clearer so please point me to the details of setting the proper bed height.

Another quick question, where are the schematics. I found the freecad files but was looking for wiring diagrams etc. I already built the latest firmware from source today.

When I bought the printer I bought 1 assembled and 1 kit and reviewing the build manual I am looking for a lot more detail on some topics.

Many Thanks to all at Arduino who made the printer possible.


Answering my own post

The bed height calibration is manual. The test gcode just produces the test part.
So far so good though, working on making sure the first layer is properly set,
Once that is in calibration my print is pretty good.

Adding some material to my part at the bottom also allows this not to be as critical as I can just sand the additional material off.

Its a very good quality printer and should provide long service.

I do intend to buy some spares to keep on hand.

Second glass bed, spare hot end etc..

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