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Topic: 3D Bicolor Cube using STC12c5a60s2 outputs dead. (Read 888 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi, I build few weeks ago a 3D bicolour cube DIY using STC12C5A60S2, 2 raw now are not working due to MC output fails. I want to exchange it but before I need to extract the Hex firmware from it to transfer on new MC. On the PCB I found the 2 lines P30 and P31 plus Vcc and GND and I've a USB-UART converter. Is there any tuto/doc to understand how to read back the MCU and store on computer the Hex file ? Then the same in reverse order to program a new one with this Hex File ? Thanks !


Please provide more information. What you want to do? Where did you get that micro ? Was that a kit? Can you provide a link to the kit and/or the tutorial ?
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