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I'm fairly new to the Arduino development platform. I'm trying to write a high-level network library (that supports a specific XML protocol) for Arduino. Since I don't want to re-implement the whole Ethernet stack, I thought it would make sense to re-use the one that already comes with Arduino. My idea is, to pass a reference to an Ethernet object in the constructor of my own class. I could then internally instantiate Client and Server objects.

My questions now are: (1) is that viable / sensible solution and (2) how would I do this technically? Right now, I'm failing simply because I can't include "Ethernet.h" from within my library code:

Code: [Select]
/Users/oweidner/Sketchbook/arduino/libraries/NeuroAutonomics/NAEmitter.h:19:22: error:
Ethernet.h: No such file or directory

Any ideas or suggestions are highly appreciated!


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Have a look at this...


...and this...


I hope your project goes well!

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