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 >:( I purchased the basic starter kit for instructional purposes.  the board could run each of the first 6 basic examples - - -  once,  - - - maybe twice (after 3 or 4 unsuccessful tries), then finally would no longer reset to run again (loss of COM port) HMMM (clue #1).

 >:( I tried all your suggestions as posted to fix this problem, I disconnected wires to connect (which made some of the programs useless in nature being unplugged when started) HMMMM

     - like changing mice or disconnecting it from the computer or changing computers or operating systems or USB cables or chewing a TUMS but no luck in change of operation of the UNO. HMMMM (Clue #2)

     - I then tried unsuccessfully writing a reset routine to perform before each test - - - no go, THEN tried using a reset routine from several other web resources - - - no go (they would not compile either).  HMMMM (Clue #3).

SO  - -  - I then examined the board and cleared the numerous solder splashes from the backside but this messy processing was not the cause either.  BEING AN EXPERIENCED C++ DATA ACQUISITION PROGRAMMER AND FIXTURE BUILDER, I TRIED THE OLD 'MANUAL RESET ROUTINE'. 

EUREKA - - - I disconnected the board from the USB cable and set it down firmly on a common steel wool scrubbing pad. . . . . reset works !!!!! every time !!!!!  thank you for this, I now can also show my class how NOT to test a board by not confirming the RESET actually functions. . . . be sure and include this FAILURE in your manual.  My students will enjoy using this 'duct tape' fix to make your UNO actually function more than just once per day. . . .


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