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I have this model of GSM module, but I don't know which jack do I have to solder to switch it on/off not using the button.

It has 2 non-soldered jacks: C10 (close to the microphone) and R13. I'm assuming it's this last one but not sure.



R13 is next to the red pin female


C10 and R13 are part locations, not where you would apply a solder bridge.

Why do you think you need to solder a bridge to make software control work on that particular board?
Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield


then it doesn't have a jack for auto-start.

I need the module to run 24/7 and it seems that after a while (maybe 30 minutes) it shuts down. And I need to press the button again for start


I have exactly the same clone as yours.

Solder R13 short and control power using GSM board pin 9

The red female connector block numeration starts from 0 (antenna side)
Or just look on the back side of the board :)

But 30 mins shutdown sounds odd. It should not behave like this by default. Did you turn off powersaving?


To xvlads: Does softswitch work after soldering R13? I got the same sim 900, connecting it to Arduino
 Mega, shield's PIN 7 to Arduino's 11, 8 to 10, 9 to 9, i have soldered R13 and i have tried swithing on sim900 by turning pin 9 to high for 500, 700, 2000 or 2500 ms, but never succeeded in switching on. could you please advise? thanks

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