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Yes, you may have let the magic smoke out :-)  A chip like that getting "really hot" is not a good sign.
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I must have screwed up something with my nano...
The ATmega chip got really hot for a while.  Now my arduino IDE doesn't see the board at all.  Maybe I shorted something on it.  This is quite the frustrating experience.
You need to change the thread title to "why DID this work".... :)

The frustration is all part of the fun.
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


When you added the LED did you use a series current limit resistor?

Tom... :)
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When you added the LED did you use a series current limit resistor?

Tom... :)
Yes I used a 150 Ohm resistor on each LED.
I also soldered a lead to the Vin on the arduino for a 9V battery strap. I'm guessing that I may have added too much solder and that it shorted with the gnd pin on the arduino. I checked connectivity between the two pins before powering up (they weren't  electrically connected) but maybe it was intermittent.  I don't know why this would cook the arduino though.

I'll pull out the arduino and put in a new nano.
What tests can I do with the multimeter to see that things are connected the way they are supposed to be connected?  With the soldered board, measuring current isn't going to happen so I'll I can do is check resistance and voltage. I think what I really want to measure is the current feeding into the base of the transistors though. Maybe I should de-solder these as well and measure current there?

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