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This look absolutely great! Looking forward to seeing some updates about this one.


This look absolutely great! Looking forward to seeing some updates about this one.
Thanks!   I'm waiting on some new servo's that should be 2-3x stronger then these current ones and perform better all around so it'll be about a week+ before anything new is posted. 

Good news is the upper half of the android is almost drawn out and im just waiting to make exact measurements on the new servo's before I start printing again.


Ok a double post but since my last reply was in March I think its alright.

Anyways, project reboot!  I've been redesigning the robot from the bottom up to be sturdier with more functionality and i'm close to obtaining 50% completion.  I just finished designing and printing the left leg and hip section.  Once i'm happy with how that leg performs ill mirror duplicate it,print the right leg, and hopefully have a 2 legged robot that can take some steps.

There is some weak points and places it needs a redesign but it does function with the correct movements.  I think i'll wait till the other leg is completed before posting a photo of the 3d printed counterpart.


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I've improved the knee joint so it functions much better now and applied the improvements to others.  Getting closer to the point where I can build another leg and have it attempt its first step.


Update on progress:

The entire leg except 1 motor attachment has been printed and assembled.  I would have that part done now but i'm short one motor so it will have to wait till my next batch arrives.  The leg from the knee down is very sturdy but the thigh to hip section has weak areas that need to be reinforced later. 

The leg should be far enough along now that I can test some compound movements and upload the results.  I can't use this plastic breadboard with the amount of amps ill be pulling so I need to go shopping and rig something up first before I can do any tests.


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Current weight = 1.815kg or 3.92lbs

More progress being made.  I currently have the bus bar embedded in a sort of 3d printed terminal block  in the back and have all the servo's powered from that. Its just some low gauge copper wire bought from menards. 

All the motors perform as they should but I have to see how fast the legs can move with how much I have geared them down to get the required torque needed.  It's a lot heavier then I thought it would be even with it being around 50% hollow and made of plastic.  Might have to recalculate my torque requirements. 

I'm trying to keep it as compact as possible to give it a stylized look in the final build.   Though, I may need to swap out some servo's in certain joints for bigger and more robust ones.  The thigh/hip joints will likely be the ones needed for a swap but its already cramped and I still have 1 more pair to add.  The last two attach on the inside of the thighs and control the legs rotation so it can turn in place. 

I haven't added any decoupling yet but got the components for it.  It's not easy soldering onto this gauge of wire.

I'll continue working on this and make changes when I learn something new.

P.S. I realize it's looking a bit rough compared to the reference around the thigh/hip area.  A lot of the area will be covered up in an aesthetic shell but I am also pushing the limits of the space available.  To give a robot with rigid limbs full range movement i'll have to get creative with my design and incorporate some kind of stretchable dark material in area's with lots of movement.


Super late update:

I started working on this again and will continue for about a week straight with my free time. 

Quick things to say,

I have to replace the wire connecting to the switch that goes to the temporary power bus.  I was using it to test each motor one at a time before I had thicker wire and would now melt through the current one running multiple motors.

The lower body is completed and works but needs finalized pieces in area's.  Some parts up at the hips are very likely to break under the torque but will just be replaced and reinforced in my next testing phase.  Also need to print a mount for the arduino but will likely just rig it up for now so I can get to testing.  (Im still using only 30% infill so room for structural improvement on its frame).  Started using 50% in some pieces now.

When that's all finished I can either do some redesigning in the legs or start working on the torso and get the battery mounted better on its back.  Also get the switch implanted in its back and get rid of all the exposed wires dangling around.


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The cable management is non existent but this is the bare bones version of the legs wired up and working as it should.  All the motors are in its starter position so I have to change the left ankle I see but other then that its ok.  Going to do some basic leg movements soon and post a video of all the joints working.

For later down the road, i've been messing a bit with opencv and python coding on my pc for object detection(training cascades etc). Bought a raspberry pi 3 to play with that.  Also have an imu working and providing feedback to my other arduino so I can try and incorporate that into my robot later.  It's not the most accurate imu though at a certain rotation so maybe I just need a better one or maybe a couple and get an avg combined angle from both.

I'd like the finished product to be a robot powered by both arduino for the motors and the raspberry pi for the heavier processing.  If I get that far i'll probably look at a board that can offer even more processing power but ill worry about that later.


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