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Hi there,
I've got the same problem as much other people: the Arduino UNO suddenly stops working. I have tried everything, re-burning the bootloader to it, DFU mode, and things like that, but today, I discovered that Windows (7 Ultimate 32-bits) recognises it as a COM hardware, but the Arduino doesn't work properly, so it gives error(Code 43). Is there any solution for that? I think if I were able to force the installation of the UNO REV3 drivers to it, it would work, but I've been searching on google for a while and I didn't find any solution for that (Yes, I've tried use the "Have Disk" option, it says arduino.inf file is not a 32-bits file)
Thanks in advance

Sorry if my english is not the best, I'm spanish


Is it a real Uno R3?

Check the part number of the chip near the USB port. It will be an atmega 16u2, or a CH340G, or an FT232 most likely. Officials use 16u2, most clones use CH340G, which uses these drivers http://www.wch.cn/download/CH341SER_EXE.html
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Is a SainsMart one, but it uses the atmega16u2.
If I use the windows "Search and correct problems with devices", I obtain that theres a problem with the microcontroller, but I have another Uno and it works perfectly. I try to reinstallde driver and it says that there was a problem installing it(Oh, Windows, thanks Doc. Obvious), but the big trouble is taht it recognises the arduino as two devices, an Arduino Uno at COM12 and an Arduino Uno Rev3 at COM13.
I want to kill myserf, I've been trying it for days, weeks, months...


Try deleting the device from Device Manager.
Then reboot.
Then attach the Arduino Uno R3


Hi again,
I also tried it, a few days ago, for 2 or 3 times. Today, I tried pluging the "broken" Arduino atmega to the working one, and I were able to upload an sketch, so I guess the problem is in the usb. I've got abother usb to ttl, I'll try connecting the Arduino to the pc with it(I cannot right now, in a few hours I'll be able to), and lets see what happens. In case it isn`t succesfull, I'll try using your solution ieee488, and thanks for the possible solution DrAzzy, but it keeps saying the drivers are not for a 32 bit system, or Windows stops installing them because the device informs about problems.


Hi there!
It finally worked! Let's see what I did.
1.-Plugued to my computer a SILABS CP2102(without connecting it to the Arduino), it installs this device drivers
2.-Make the connections (RXD to TX, TXD to RX, +5V to 5V, GND to GND, leaving the DTR without connecting)
3.-Select the port and the type of Arduino it is
4.-Start uploading the sketch
5.-While uploading, reset the Arduino

Very happy with myself, thanks for your help

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