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I won a grant and I am trying to look at possible robots from this company.  My only experience is with Scribblers.  I would like more information about what is available.  I can't seem to find any concrete info about non-drag and drop programmable robots on this website.  This is my last ditch effort before I scratch these off my list.  Can someone help me?


"from this company"
What company? Got a link?
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I was looking at this company Arduino.  I found the 2WD robot on robotshop.com.  That seems to be what I am looking for.  But I will take any advice.


May I assume your Google is broken? I am unsure what type of 'robot' you are referring to. Do you need one to build cars, fold paper, walk up and down stairs, the list is almost endless.
I found the 2WD robot on robotshop.com
- OK, that's nice, irrelevant, but nice. I'm unsure how to help you any further without even basic requirments.
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I was looking at this company Arduino.  I found the 2WD robot on robotshop.com.
You mean the Arduino brand 2 wheel robot? It's already retired.

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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0

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