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So I've been following an eclipse/AVR plug-in installation walkthrough here


and am hitting a problem immediately.


Installed Eclipse (tried both most recent version Helios and version in walkthrough, Galileo)

Then used "Install New Software" to get, CDT/Eclipse C/C++, Development Tools, and then the AVR plug-in at http://avr-eclipse.sourceforge.net/updatesite/

I've then allowed Eclipse to restart and closed it again and downloaded CrossPack-AVR-20100115 and installed it and opened terminal.app and entered avr-help to confirm those tools are on the system

Restarting Eclipse the walkthrough (and others) then seem to suggest that I should be able to select new c project and "Select Empty Project " under "AVR Cross Target Application" and also find AVR preferences under Eclipse/preferences but ...

Neither are there! No reference to AVR projects in either New Project or preferences! New Project only offers various "Empty Project" or "Hello World" variants under Toolchain: MacOSX GCC. Eclipse appears to be aware of the AVR plug-in as a reinstall through new software says it's already there, there's an AVR icon under About Eclipse and references to it in the details therein and there are various avr named files within the Eclipse application folder.

I've tried lots of variations of clean install/uninstall/manual install/re-boot every step etc etc to no avail!

I'm running MacOSX 10.5.8. Java is up to date. I have an install off Eclipse/FDT elsewhere on the system (an extended version of Eclipse for Flash/ActionScript development) but I can't imagine they're in conflict. I can use normal Arduino IDE without problems btw.

Wassup?! I'd love to use Eclipse to do Arduino programming as it's what I use for my Flash/ActionScript development.



I have the same problem. I you resolve it, please tell me how.



God it took me FOREVER!!!!

But I got there in the end :)

Robert's walkthrough is correct. It was just version conflicts. When the AVR plugin installs correctly it's seamless, there's no mystery to it or jumping through hoops.

The current version of the AVR plugin doesn't seem to like the current version of Eclipse.

Try with Eclipse Galileo


As for configuration I found both Robert's walkthrough and the Arduino playground walkthrough helpful




I havent had problems.

But in the past have had many issues with the plugins and eclipse not being version compatible.


You mean you haven't had problems with Helios and AVR plugin?


You mean you haven't had problems with Helios and AVR plugin?

Nope, not on Windows anyways.

Here are the files I got:

eclipse-cpp-helios-win32.zip  (92,113,717 bytes)

On first PC, I installed that, then the AVR direct from the update site.

On second PC, I downloaded the AVR plugin 'package' and installed it.

Both had the same results.

de.innot.avreclipse-p2-repository- (2,487,545 bytes)


Could be an OSX issue ... or just them daft computers up to their crazy old tricks as usual!


I do have the problem in windows. Dada solution didn't work either. I will go on trying


In fact, to avoid problems with firewall, I download to local and install the plugin from there.


Bah! Sorry that didn't help Grifo, how annoying for you!

Iirc I think I ended up doing a manual install of AVR too (by dropping everything into "dropins" folder and restarting Eclipse)

But like I say when it does install it's very obvious, the AVR button appears in the tool bar. I say this because for a time I wondered whether it had installed but wasn't showing because I was missing something else and all that sort of voodoo.

I'll have a proper think later and if I can remember anything else I'll post.


... and just to add, persevere because it's worth it. The Arduino IDE is painful if you're used to something like Eclipse.


Finally, I got it.
I had to update Java machine 6.20 to 6.21.


I have the same problem and upgrading to Java 6 is not an option since I'm on a PPC mac.  Anyone have resolution without mucking around with Java?


persevere because it's worth it. The Arduino IDE is painful if you're used to something like Eclipse.

Too right, I'm now using Netbeans and will never go back to the Arduino IDE.

(I tried Eclipse but had problems and gave up too early I suppose  :))

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com



I've had some issues installing AVR plug-in too; admittedly I have not yet tried the plug-in on Galileo yet, but my problem is NOT the plug-in itslef. Actually, I've installed the plug-in a couple times and still have some issue with getting the 'sketch' up to the board.

I think the problem is in configuring the 'Programmer' resource file. I can't remember the exact name, but it is where the list of devices is stored in a 'text' configuration file. My arduino is a couple years old, I think it is an AT Mega? So I made a copy of the programmer configuration file and added the "AT Mega" information based on the generic "arduinio" information. This did not help, I could not even read from the configuration file.

Does anyone know of an example using this "AVR Dude" with Eclipse and an Arduino Mega?

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