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I'm just getting started with the Arduino environment.  I have download and installed 0022 on a MacBook Air running Snow Leopard with no problems.

The curious thing is that a demo program has an include of Wire.h and compiles without error, so that file must exist somewhere, but when I search for that file filename on my harddrive, it does not show up.  It must be somehow encoded into the Arduino 0022 application.

I hoping that someone can confirm that so that I can quit worrying about it.


I grabbed my son's Mac. If you find the Arduino icon in the Applications folder, and right click, and select Show PackageContents, you can then navigate to Contents, Resources, Java, libraries and Wire, and there be Wire.h.

Perfectly obvious, no?



Thank you very much.  That was very helpful.

I am also new to the Mac world.  I had expected that SpotLight would have been able to peek into an app and find the files (resources) imbedded there, but apparently it is not capable of doing that, hence my earlier question.

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