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I have made a library for RGB GLCD's based on the LDS183 controller.
This is the display that is used on the RGB LCD Shield by NKC Electronics.

You can download the library from my website: http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/a_l_rgb_glcd.php

Please bear in mind that this is my first go at making a library for the Arduino, so it might not be as good as it can be.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



How about a link to the display that the library is for. I'm lazy.


The display is featured in the RGB LCD shield for Arduino http://www.nkcelectronics.com/rgb-lcd-shield-for-arduino-65k-color-k65.html

but can be purchased alone: http://www.nkcelectronics.com/rgb-lcd-65k-color-module-philips-pcf8833-comp658833.html

It is PCF8833 compatible, similar to the one sold by Sparkfun but with 65K colors!

I uploaded a video (running doc_norway's library) and embedded it in the product page.


Great library works well with the RGB LCD shield


Just a quick update: v1.2 is now released with two new functions.



Another quick update: v1.3 is released with support for Arduino Mega.



Nice library,i wanted to ask,is there any pre-function to read pixel,whether on o not?and any pre-function to fill an area and not only the circle or rettangle but an area... :-[


Hi Dobe

As far as I know there is way to read the state of a pixel.

The only way I can think of to make a flood-fill function is to keep a "screen-buffer" in memory, but as the buffer alone would require 32KB of ram this is not an option.



RGB_GLCD v1.4 is released.

  • Added drawBitmap() with its associated tool



Does this make use of all the analog pins? I'd like to use this for a project, but I need to make use of at least 2 analog pins and all of the other GLDs use 5 of the 6 available.



The shield uses Digital 2-6, so all the analog pins are free for you to use :)



That's great! Less pins than any of the others I've seen; I'm getting one!


RGB_GLCD v1.5 is released.

  • Added support for the Arduino Mega 2560
  • Added function to rotate bitmaps



I just got mine working. (The fine soldering work was almost too much for me.)  Yay!

I'd like to download your library, but don't have an RAR extractor.  Can you publish a ZIP as well?

Also, do you have plans to implement a Netduino library for this shield too?




Rar usually get better compression, but if you PM me with your email-address or send me a message through my contact-form, I will email a zip-file to you.

I havent got a Netduino, so dont hold your breath. Maybe you would like to donate one... :)


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