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I've already ordered Arduino One Starter kit, found a touch pad on ebay compatible and, downloaded arduino software. At this moment i have an old laptop touch pad that should be functional (4 wired). I also taken contact with who has kit ready to sell...but i would like to make it myself, like you. if is it possible...i would like to know:
- is the first image of electric contact correct? only to start in the right way...
- the code posted from chris, on first page, is it correct to start with this project?
I understand that you don't want to give a complete how to, and i don't pretended a dish undere my mouth. But i think you're the only one people who know steps.......


Start it with reading the touch pad position. Do just this, and send it using Serial.print and read using serial monitor in Arduino IDE. You can easilly find code for reading touch pad position. Then, if you get the position reading part right, you can start adding new elements, like hold button or LED. Don't even try to connect everything at once because you get lost. Do everything step by step, starting from the basics.


it really doesn't matter where you connect the touch pad wires, as you define in the code the numbers you connected it to. I personally used the connecting the 4 wire touch pad to 6 pins, the link is somewhere along this topic, give it a go and let us know if your stuck.


Ok guys....i'm waiting for delivery of my orders:
- Arduino starter kit with arduino UNO
- blinkm led
After that i'll try to follow your instruction. Please be patient with me, because i am very very new and a little bit scared of a fail!!!! :(

what do you think about this code??


it seems similar to gareth's code


Thanks Chris and Thanks God...a good start point is half correct way! :D
now i'll just wait for kit delivery to start testing!
Be sure....i'll fight and ask in this topic more and more  ;D


ok guys....i've almost all parts....only a question before start because i haven't found any good help: which is the material behind touchscreen? the kind of "paper" who diffuse the light?
do you know?



touchscreen seems working...there's an interesting post of a japanese guy using a ds controller with a resistence connected to ground for each direction....how make it responsive with led? mystery...  :)
sure i am best singing and playing guitar...and not programming :D


"ok guys....i've almost all parts....only a question before start because i haven't found any good help: which is the material behind touchscreen? the kind of "paper" who diffuse the light?
do you know?"

The plate can be found on eBay. Search for 3mm Opal Acrylic. Do some measurements and you can have them cut it down to the size you need (the size of the touch pad).

I'm rooting for you, and I'd assume that we all are. Lol.

Chris and crew, congrats on the success. I still remember the night where I found this forum. Much different community mentality since then. It's pretty amazing.


Great...thank you phil...i found another website here in italy, which sells parts of 3 mm plexiglas, so i could buy, black, opal, mirror, and red for a few money!! i'll choose my preferred colour on my total black guitar....
i'm waiting a stupid touchscreen connector now...so i'm stopped. I hope to have my touch working for christmas, my best present!

i read and seen your forum on "unmanteined": Great job! but i think that was the first version or i'm wrong???
Regards from the rain of rome!!! Good week!


Hi guys....i've started...i can read coords, and the compiling with midi doesn't give errors on arduino IDE, but nothing happens on my KP3. Can i PM someone my code to examinate please?



i want to build a midi controller for my guitar too.

now i'm looking for the right parts.
for the touchscreen: i didnt found a bigger touchscreen than the screen from the nds. can anyone post a link with a bigger screen?

where can i buy a rotary encoder?

the hold button is a normal pushbutton, right?

and the last thing i want to know: is the code from the beginning right and i can use it?



ohhhh yeah!! it's so glad to answer like an expert right now :D
for the touchscreen the simpliest way is to buy a nintendo DS XL touchscreen...is quite larger than standard one, and you can easily buy the connector on sparkfun.com
the hold button is a momentary switch, you can choose the form and colour you like much.
for the rotary encoder, i've buyed on ebay...but i'm waiting for 2 weeks and nothing has arrived yet.....
Good luck!!!!


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ok, thanks for the help. i look now at ebay.

ds xl screen, is it from nintendo dsI?

can't find a bigger screen -.-

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