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Dec 06, 2010, 12:18 pm Last Edit: Dec 06, 2010, 12:23 pm by EpiLesPaul Reason: 1

i couldnt find a rotary encoder   :(

but i found a hold button :)

i cant read/speak italian. can you say if they shipp the screen to germany?


hi EpiLesPaul (i have the same guitar :))
unfortunately i don't think the vendor ships the object in germany, because i buyed the same screen from him, and it was shipped by national mail...
you have to search the web for another seller...another ds XL replacement part, or try to write to "densitron" that is a manufacturer of 4wire resistive display.....
for the encoder....just search in ebay!!!!! chinese have everything!


This code doesn't want to work......any suggestions????

void loop() {

    while (touched()) {  
    switchValue = digitalRead(digitalPin9);
   if(switchValue == LOW && switchState == 0){  // first press
   switchState = 1;
     midiCC(0xB0, 92, 127);
   if(switchValue == HIGH && switchState == 1){  // first press
   switchState = 0;
     midiCC(0xB0, 92, 0);  whammy
      midiCC(0xB0, 92, 127);
        midiX = map(touchX,118,940,0,127);
      midiY = map(touchY,146,900,0,127);



ok....thanks for your GREAT consideration....i've found a solution.


well I did not expect this thread to attract so much attention.

I'm pretty much done now. I've done all the programming, I just have to wedge it all in my guitar.

The touch pad works both on the kaoss pad and the whammy pedal.

encoder works and so does the hold button.

I've made the touch pads light responsive to movement. but along with that, Ive added an extra button which means I can switch the standby light effect. there are about 18 pre-sets in the BlinkM already and I was more then happy to use them.

I am really tempted to put a kit together and put it on sale on ebay. but as I was doing this as something just for me, I wasn't really looking on making a profit. depends how interested people are on this idea.

one of the dudes above was asking about encoders and hold buttons.

Well I got almost all my stuff off ebay, and you can get an encoder that also has a switch on it. thats the one I opted for. as for the buttons to change the lighting effect or the mode of the touch pad(whammy or kaoss pad) I haven't decided yet.

So I shall see.

Guys I'm more then willing to help others with this project, as long as you don't expect me to do it for you.

thankfully no one has expected that so far.


can you upload a video of your controller on youtube?


I wish I could... but I don't have a camera. sorry dude.


i've done my personal kit...
thank you to ones helped me.


just curious, how have you guys attached the touch pad to the guitar? I.E, have you put a frame around the touch pad? and if so, how did you make it?

I'm not too happy with my frame, so I want to remake it, im just curious for ideas. cheers.


also, the hold function. I was just reading the owners manual for the KP3, and that has an actual hold command...which is midiCC(0xB0, 95, 127).

but on the KP2 that is MUTE, so im wondering what command you guys used for the hold function. did you use the 92 on/off command?

also my code isnt running as smoothly on the drum machine as I want it to. I have a feeling its because of the constant sending of coordinates, as when I move my finger on the kaoss pad itself, the drum effect changes but remains in rhythm. if i do it on my pad, it doesnt. i think it might just be with sending the touch ON code too many times. but im not sure.

let me know guys.



this might be a bit off topic but.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  :D


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