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Im new here but have come accross this site that details how to use a four wire resistive touchscreen with an arduino and 10k ohm resistors to earth. I have not tested the code yet however.

I cant post the site up though as its my first post..


I see what they did, seems like a nice way to do it. Well thank you for providing a link.



Which one would you recommend I use? I does one have a clear advantage to the other?


Which one would you recommend I use? I does one have a clear advantage to the other?

Well one uses 4 pins and one 6. I would not have thought it mattered. As long as they tell you the position, they presumably do what you want them to do.



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ahh this is killing me!

so I decide to do the 6 wire method as I was already half way through doing it anyway, the computer reads the touch pad no problem.

the Kaoss pad however -.-"

it just wont...

If I change the midi signal to


I can control the setting the touch pad is on (the command Im hoping to use for the encoder.)

but when I put it back to midiCC(0xB0,12,touchX);

its just wont bloody work! i have literally tried everything...im just completely out of ideas as to why its not working... Every single midi site ive gone to has basically told me that the command is correct.

pheh....a little help anyone?



so I just wrote and used a program that went through every single midi signal in the CC list... none of them triggered the touch pad, im really confused now...

midiCC(0-255,0-16,fixed constant)

thats the combination i went through.


I know you're probably super frustrated, but just some troubleshooting:

Did you put the KP2 into MIDI control mode?

Gareth said something about mapping out the midiCC to a certain coordinate on the X-Y touch screen, although it seems that the program you made showed that it isn't the pad's fault.

I'm out of ideas for the moment. I'm rooting for you! Because I'd like to make one myself :)

Maybe try it with a DigiTech Whammy as well?

How's the LED control and the Hold switch going?


i havent tested it on the whammy, but im assuming it will work, i may do that now and post the results.

the back light LED is actually alright to work with, the hold button im not sure about either.

the only midi message the kaoss pad has received so far is the effects change...and thats the easiest one to send as its only like 1 value.

argh i wish i knew what i was doing wrong.

anyway im gonna go try the digitech whammy.


Was the KP2 in MIDI receiving mode?

Also, I think the Whammy is mapped differently, which is why Gareth's kit involves pressing the encoder to switch control between a Kaoss and a Whammy. One channel won't control the device it's not intended to.

But getting it with the whammy will be progress!


yeah um...it works lol... its just the kaoss pad that is a maHUSIVE beatch


and midi receiving mode? how is that achieved? i didnt even know that existed


All right one sec. Let me pull out the old Kaoss Pad manual


Ok there's a few things and I'm not sure which to note, so I'll just quote it directly.

MIDI Edit Mode

Hold down the Tap/BPM key and press the Rec/Stop key. After approximately one second, you will enter MIDI Edit mode, and the MIDI channel will be displayed blinking in the Program/BPM display.

Setting the MIDI Channel

In MIDI Edit mode, the Program/BPM display will show the MIDI channel. At this time you can use the Program/BPM knob to change the MIDI channel.

MIDI message transmission/reception settings

Transmission and reception of each type of MIDI message can be turned on/off by pressing one of the keys listed below. Transmission and reception are enabled when the corresponding LED is lit. Transmission and reception are disabled when the LED is dark.

Changing the control number
By holding down one of the Program Memory 3-8 keys and turning the Program/BPM knob, you can change the control number setting. Although it is possible to select a control number that is already in use, it is not possible to simultaneously turn on transmission and reception for MIDI messages of the same control number.

Press and hold the Rec/Stop key for one second or longer, and the MIDI settings you modified will be stored

It will leave MIDI Edit mode if the touch pad is touched or the KP2 is idle for 10 seconds (without any operation)


Here's the KP2 Manual. Pages 8 and 9

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