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Hey Chris,

Yeah I'll have to fashion a makeshift MIDI cable for this. Are there any alternatives? Could I connect my Kaoss Pad to my computer and do it from there?

My Kaoss doesn't have a screen either, I ripped it out to put in my guitar and it worked for a bit and ended in disaster. But anyway this could take awhile to happen. Might want to ask around the Muse Messageboards and other forums.

By the way, does the LED program follow the same config as Gaz's? Or similar?


if im not wrong, you can still test it using button program 6 and spinning the effects knob, just change that number to 12 and try,

the LED I haven't programmed yet, but basically for the LED the sky is the limit and its not that hard to code because of the nice software that its website offers.

for standalone (not touching the pad) the LED can change between about 30 colours in the space of 10 to 90 seconds. when touched i havent investigated yet. but it doesnt look too hard... but as im using my mini pro for everything else its hard to make the necissary connections to program it at the mo,

as for your kaoss pad, let me know if this function works, and why dont you buy a nintendo DS touch screen off the net? one of the new big DS's dont know what they are called, but the DS touch screen would work on your kaoss pad if you hard wired it straight in. but be sure to get the connector the ribbon cable plugs into too

also do you have an arduino by any chance? that way I could ask you to run a really simple program that would controll the kaoss pad...at least I think it should...

as ive tampered my fair share with my kaoss pad, im scared the midi doesnt work because the pads midi IN is bust, and not because my code is wrong.

let me know, cheers


Yeah my ribbon connector is broken too, so that seems out of the question. I've tried to solder directly to it, didn't work either.

No arduino as well.

Again, Muse Messageboards would be a great place. The community response is quick and plentiful.


I know im a member.

thats the point, you can get a DS touch screen from the net its ribbon connector aswell, solder the ribbom connector to your Circuit board, as long as you havent destroyed your circuit board it shoudl be pretty easy to do. i highly doubt you ruined your kaoss pad beyond repair, they are very tough pieces of kit.

and people on the muse forum are sick of hearing about this... dammit if only i had another kaoss pad to test this on...


Ah yes the DS breakboard, is that right? I'm not sure that will work considering I tried every wiring combination for the original touch screen, but eventually I will need a screen for the MIDI controller.

Sorry man. If I figure out something I'll get back to you


theres 16 combinations, , but i think you will find, that they follow the order of the ribbon cable (as in what appears in left to right on the circuit board will be left to right for the touch pad...or right to left...but those are the 2 likely combinations.)

So I just wrote a code that controlled the digitech whammy fully, with on/off functions...treatle and also effect selection on the knob... im pretty sure its my kaoss pad thats being a little crap now lol.


Awesome man! Got the Hold button working?

Maybe you could try it out with other devices just to make sure?


what do you mean? and no, hold function is another midi signal the kaoss pad wont pick up.


Maybe try the MIDI controller with other MIDI devices just to double check your Kaoss's state of being.

And does the hold switch work with your whammy? basically releasing the finger should turn the effet off, and having the hold switch should switch between leaving the effect on when the finger is released and the opposite.


not for the whammy, the Y axis replicated the treatle possition, I mean the pedal doesnt go back to off if you leave it half way, so the same thing happens with the touch pad.

I added some dead spots on the touch pad and made the X axis what turns the effect on or off, very usefull actually, i can go straight to the max setting without having to deal with the treatle, plus the encoder is just bliss. I just wish i could get this stupid kaoss pad going...if that worked I would be able to install it in the guitar right now.


Sounds awesome Chris!

So let me guess this straight, you move your finger lengthwise as the X axis right? Would you be able to code it so that the X axis is treadle position and the Y axis is inactive? Also, do you have the hold button working for the Whammy?


Hey here's what you can do, you got a Guitar Center or any guitar shop nearby? Bring your controller and ask if you can go there and try their KP3, with your controller


So let me guess this straight, you move your finger lengthwise as the X axis right? Would you be able to code it so that the X axis is treadle position and the Y axis is inactive? Also, do you have the hold button working for the Whammy?

The hold button is what I controll with the X axis for the whammy. yes i could just turn the X axis off and controll the treatle purely with the Y axis, but basically the touch pad has so many possible "buttons" that I thought i could use the X axis for something, and it works.

The encoder does work...but its not very clean, every once in a while it skips one effect... but thats just cus I stole some code off this site and didnt really alter it for my encoder how i needed to.

besides all this isnt my priority.

Another person on this forum is emailing me to try and sort this, and he has the same problem... so i know its not the kaoss pad.

it will just take time. but i wont be able to work on it for the next week.. so meh. ill see what i can do after.


Sounds pretty sweet Chris

Sorry to hear about the Kaoss Pad roadblock. Hopefully you'll get that worked out. I'll keep my eye out for any clues that Gaz may have carelessly revealed :)

As for the separate coding, that would be great if you could do that. I really like the way Gaz has his Whammy control set up.

"Stole" the code huh? Lol that just sounded funny to me.

All right, cheers and good luck!


you would still need to map the code for every individual touch pad

as the size changes anyway.

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