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am trying to make Max communicate with Arduino board but no luck! I've used the hi object and it doesn't recognize the board! what can I do?


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what system are you on, and have you installed the appropiate drivers? and do you have a serial object in you max patch? dont think i've ever used the hi object so i cant assist you there, sorry.



from what I understand the hi ojbect is designed to access hid devices (keyboards, mice, gamepads and the like). the arduino board implements a seria port therefore you need to find which object max uses to talk to the serial port.

googling provides this http://webzone.k3.mah.se/projects/arduino-workshop/board04/board04.asp?boardID=3


Do not use hid to communicate with the Arduino, but serial
Try this:


Thomas Ouellet Fredericks


ok thanks I'll try that...


the serial object did read the board! and the code you sent and the patch work! but what I'm tring to do is getting info from the board not the other way around!
I need to read on/off msgs from the board! i have switchs so what i want is for each time the switch is on to read a bang on my Max patch! how can i do that? and should i be writing code to upload to the board too using the arduino IDE? am still new to all this so...  :-?

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