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i using pduino and i cannot connect leds to any port except the PWM ones....

with pd, how can i turn a led on connected to digitalIns 13, or 6, for example?

I cannot find any documentation on it...

can anyone help?  :-?


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maybe have a lock to this link and download the arduino object:


i do not work with PD, so i am not sure if this will help you




thats where i downloaded the object! problem is documentation on it!!

its really difficult to get started on arduino! lots of info missing to get started with...

thanks for the reply!



can you tell me what info is missing, maybe this can help us improve the docs :)



yes! :D thks!!

im working with macintel, and one of the problems is that i cannot run arduino 04 on mac. i get the error (an error occured while creating a new sketch. arduino must now quit) Tried to follow the forum concerning mac intel with arduino 03 and ended up with the error i have in arduino 04.

since i have windows istalled too, i uploaded the arduino card with the pdduino firmware. but the only thing i can do is control leds plugged in the pwn0, pmw1 and pmw2. throught Pure Data "PDuino" i cannot turn o a led on port 13 for example.... i would really like to be able to control the card throught pure data!

I also cannot find any information about the card itself... digital vs analog, low vs high inputs vs outputs, voltage, amperage, etc. the pin switches! what voltage can i power suplly the card!!....

thanks!! :D


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PDuino is an amazing piece of code but I have the feeling it needs a bit of debugging.

I think hans has done a very important contribution to arduino but we need to help him
test the code and make it perfect.

Next week I'm teaching in barcelona and I might be able to debug it properly

PS on the subject of Mactel computers I have the feeling that until one of us gets a mactel computer
that version of the software won't run properly



hei! thanks for the reply! so ill just have to hand on getting the most i can!!


if you manage to debug pduino please keep me posted...

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