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Hi there,

I got two Arduino NG USB Boards here. I am trying to get a connection via serproxy on OS X. Therefore I got two setups, changing the usb devices (A3000Xcw for the first boad, and A1015BL for the second) in the serproxy.cfg.
One connection works flawless. but the second board just doesn't connect using serproxy.
Wenn checking the dev folder it shows that there is a problem with the second boards name!
the name which shows up in the tool menu of arduino is " A1015BL". But when I check the "dev" folder the device is called " A10?15BL".
Is there a way to change the name of the board? Or can it be that the is a character which is not recognized?

best regards,


My friend Patrick checked my board, and it seems like the boards serial number uses a secret character, which isn't shown in Arduinos tool menu!
Maybe this is a Arduino bug or a mistake of the manufacturer of the board. I bought the boards from PCB Europe.



I have the same problem my board does not connect and my port in arduino is cu.usbserial-A1015Ci but when I enter into terminal to see the devices connected I see cu.usbserial-A10?15Ci. From other programs I got a different character instead of the question mark...

It seems a bug I hope there something to fix it.



Hmm, sounds like some sort of bug with the FTDI drivers (or just strange behavior).  Try typing this at the Terminal when the Arduino board is connected to find out what that character is (and post the results here for the rest of us, please):

ls /dev/tty.* | hexdump -C


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Mine is:

00000080  6f 64 65 6d 0a 2f 64 65  76 2f 74 74 79 2e 75 73  |odem./dev/tty.us|
00000090  62 73 65 72 69 61 6c 2d  41 31 30 10 31 35 42 4c  |bserial-A10.15BL|
000000a0  0a                                                                       |.|

the hex "10" stands for char "DLE" (Date Link Escape), don't know what char on my kexboard this should be  :-/

We fixed it here by opening the arduino config file with a editor (subethaedit) and telling the editor to show the hidden characters. Looked in the config file for the last board connected and copyied it to the serproxy config file.




Mine is :
00000000  2f 64 65 76 2f 74 74 79  2e 42 6c 75 65 74 6f 6f  |/dev/tty.Bluetoo|
00000010  74 68 2d 4d 6f 64 65 6d  0a 2f 64 65 76 2f 74 74  |th-Modem./dev/tt|
00000020  79 2e 42 6c 75 65 74 6f  6f 74 68 2d 50 44 41 2d  |y.Bluetooth-PDA-|
00000030  53 79 6e 63 0a 2f 64 65  76 2f 74 74 79 2e 75 73  |Sync./dev/tty.us|
00000040  62 73 65 72 69 61 6c 2d  41 31 30 10 31 35 43 69  |bserial-A10.15Ci|
00000050  0a                                                |.|

Great to hear you have it working. I downloaded  subethaedit  and it is showing also hidden characters. Can you please give me the path of the configuration file that shows the last board connected ?

Thank you



hey martha,

you could try /dev/tty.usbserial-A10\02015Ci in your case

or use subethaedit to open  usr/library/arduino/preferences.txt and look for "serial.port".
let it show you the hidden characters. copy the whole string to the serproxy.cfg.


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Thank you Dan!

It is working now

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