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is there anyone out there who has dealt with reading information through arduino from a cellphone which has gps capabilities?
i would like to make arduino display on some wearable interface a reading of a distance...geographical distance from point A to point B measured on the cellphone.


I think you are not supposed to ask the same question in every section of the forums... Also, it is easier to read the answers you might get in just 1 place.


the question has been asked in different forum as there are different aspects of the process involved. i am at the beginning stage of my project so there are basic questions, questions regarding hardaware, other software etc...

i have been part of forums in the past where i only checked specific posts in specific sections and not others ... i assumed it was unsaid that i post it in different places to get different opinions and to make sure that all the parties involved in the forum might have been able to give me a feedback of some kind...

thank you for your comment nonetheless...so it will be clear why i post it in so many places.

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