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i am trying to connect the arduino board over usb to director.
i tried this code by wilson http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~infoarts/technical/arduino/wilsonserialIO.txt and i am using the serialXtra by geoff smith.

the examples work fine on the board, but somehow i get strange results inside director:
when i push the first button, which is connected to pin3, then i get director not to read the H (H for high, and L for low) - when i push the second button which is connected to pin4 then director reads an H at this location. if i now push BOTH buttons, then director reads also an H for pin 3.

as i have not so much idea about electricity flows (just started) here the image of the wiring, maybe there is something wrong ?
(i am using two 10kOhm resistors)

any help would be appriciated!

all the best


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