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I am a beginner user of Arduino, currently trying to connect Arduino 0006 (PPC) with Flash using serproxy 0.1.3-3 made by beltran berrocal.

Problem is that it was working fine (I use photocell sensor and I got number values to my Flash) in the beginning but at one point Arduino stopped responding... and serial proxy doesn't report any errors.

When i run the same thing on windows it works fine.

Have any of you had similar problem?
Does any of you know what might be causing the problem?

I hope you get what I am trying to say...
I am sorry if I am not explaining well.

Thank you very much for your time.
Any comment or hint is greatly appreciated.



I have the same problem when running an intel mac. I wonder if someone else has got beltran's serial proxy working in mac...

Thank you



The serial proxy works well on my intel mac

it's usually an issue with the configuration file serproxy.cfg
and sometimes the network configuration of your machine comes into play

PS: beltran wrote the example code for flash but serproxy is made by dave mellis based on code by stefano busti

please try to explain a little bit more in detail what's going on...


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