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I'm trying to make a controller with the arduino, it will have some analogue controls and some digital buttons.

I want Director to read what is happening on the arduino, and for it then to control a flash app, but i want the flash app to be seperate, as I need both the Director app and the Flash app fullscreen on different screens.

As it stands, I've got Director talking to flash via OSC (oscXtra for Director and flosc for flash), but i'm finding this a bit slow (I assume because flosc is java). I was planning to use the MidiXtra for Director to take data from the arduino, but you have to buy it.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any better solutions- I assume that using director as an XML socket server would be the best way to talk to flash, and using the MSCOMM activeX control in Director would be the best way of recieving data from the arduino, but I've not had much luck with the XML server idea as I'm finding that documentation for Director is scarce these days.

As it stands, a better Director > Flash solution is needed, as I don't think having flash assets in Director allows you to run them in seperate windows/screens.

Sorry if I don't make much sense, but I would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas/links to tutorials etc.


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