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Oct 28, 2019, 02:30 am Last Edit: Oct 28, 2019, 02:35 am by xl97
Entirely par for the course!
Not necessarily so, according to the recent medical commentary on the matter!

I mean the package of course could be lying.
But to be clear.. the stuff I used/mentioned (whic was for a costume/special effect) is not for inhaling either.. its not a nicotine product. it purely for 'fog machines'.

(and again.. the package could be lying, but it said non-toxic..etc)


Recent medical studies (not always original studies, often "meta-analyses" which are of little value in themselves according to my training in Medical Statistics - many years ago for that matter) are concerned that the glycol itself and particularly the many "flavours" offered for vaping, are problematic when heated.  So there may be a concern.

The fact is that nicotine in itself, is a relatively minor concern - which is why NRT actually carries minimal risk!

The worst problem turns out to be people who "vape" and continue to smoke tobacco.  :smiley-eek:  Completely defeats any purpose of vaping as a valid "harm reduction" approach to addicts.

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