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I have been working on a prototype Arduino-based FM synthesizer (called the SQK-01) for the past weeks and thought it would be cool to post my progress on it here, as well as information such as schematics and code when the time comes.

I've made a video demonstrating some of the sounds it can currently make and in which I explain some stuff about the functionality and the project:
YouTube video.

And here's a photo of the current prototype:

Yes, I'm using cardboard for the prototype's front panel, as it is very easy to modify and it's free :)
The final version of the synth will have a fancy wood frame... if I can find someone to make one for me haha

The Arduino acts as a central controller as well as the digital FM synth, it takes care of scanning the keyboard as well as the 16 knobs for the FM section and it generates the gate signal for the analog envelope(s). The audio output is generated through PWM at roughly 32kHz, which is then filtered to get a clean analog signal. This signal splits up and goes through the filter and the distortion effect before going to the output. The filter is one of the Sallen-Key variety, but with my own flavor added to it. The distortion effect is essentially a very over driven op-amp with a starve knob.

I'm currently polishing what I have so far before moving on to the final parts of the synthesizer: a sequencer/rhythm presets section, an analog drums section (sounds similar to the TR808 and Monotribe synths, but with some extra gnarl) and an interface port so I can attach other creations of mine to it in the future.

That's all for now, watch the video linked above for a better idea of what it is. I'll post in this thread when i have new stuff to show for this project  :)


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nice project!

Can i see your code and wring for the synth ???

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