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I've a question about programming adafruit wave shield. I've already read examples on adafruit site,but I can't find how to set the file I want to play on the arduino. The sequence i want to make is: servo movement (I've already write the code), music and servo movement (I have to make and iron man missile luncher). Thanks!


Anyone have never made something like that?


A file will have a name. You have to use that name in the call to play the file.

The file name can be a constant or looked up from a list, or generated from some numeric value.

Post the code you have got so far with your unsuccessful attempt at generating this file name. Use code tags and read the how to use this forum sticky post if you don't know what that means


Thanks for your help! I find this code on adafruit shield website
I'm new in the arduino world,I don't know where I have to insert the file name for playing. The code is very long and there are several parts,my question is:what part of this code I need to play a single file? Thanks !


The call :-
Code: [Select]
Will play the sound in the WAV file called fileName.

Replace the word fileName with the name of the file you want to play. Note it has to be the correct format of WAV file.

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