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I'm new to this forum and havent been able to find info relating to my query. Hope someone here can help!

Essentially I am trying to get two seperate joysticks to control four servo's using one arduino (I can use two seperate arduino's if necessary as I find when I setup 2 or more servos their poitoin keeps jumping around) so one joystick will control two servo's, one with its x position, one with its y position. Ideally what I hope to do is have a Pure Data patch read the joysticks xy position and button states, do the necessary computation, then send the the servo position data out to the arduino board so the arduino simply controls the position of 4 servos taking care of the timing as I havent been able to get a Pure Data patch to accurately control servo's.

I have the arduino setup with the PDuino sketch and have Pure Data and the Arduino communicating. The problem is I cant program an Arduino sketch to control the servos while reading in servo poisiton numbers from the Pure Data patch. Has anyone got any suggestions or sample code they could share?  

Hope this makes sense!

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