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Mar 09, 2016, 08:24 pm Last Edit: Mar 09, 2016, 08:55 pm by Bart007
Hi Guys,

Im making an handheld device with buttons and lights. This is connected with an usb to the "main device"

things i need to send/recieve

5 v
data (to LEDs from main)
data (from buttons to main)

now i like to hook up a LED when you plug the usb in the LED wil get on.

is it possible to use the "5th wire" for this?


Mini/Micro-USB-leads do have 5 wires, although the cable does not carry 5 wires.

The 5th pin is usually used as ID, wired to ground directly or trough a resistor.

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The 5th pin is "insert detect", and that's exactly what the pin is for. I think it's connected to ground when plugged in? You can check what it's connected to with your multimeter.
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But it has been frequently used for headsets and such.


Connecting pin4 to pin5 creates an "OTG" cable for USB Host applications. Pinout

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