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Is it possible to make a USB Speaker with an arduino? If so, what Arduino and parts would I need to make it work? Please note that I am a beginner.



If you want to make a USB speaker, I suggest buying a USB soundcard, and then building an amplifier and install it all in a speaker box with a speaker.

With the Arduino, you'd have to write the firmware to make the Arduino "look like" a USB soundcard to the driver, and you'd have to make it communicate with the driver protocol.   That's some serious programming...  

Then, you'd need to add a DAC and an amplifier.  You'd probably end-up spending more than $50 on hardware before you add the speaker and the box/enclosure.

You could buy a USB soundcard chip.   These already have the frimware that works with the standard drivers, but by the time you make a PC board and add the support components  it wouldn't be worth the cost or the effort compared to buying a USB soundcard.

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