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I am starting a DIY-Project. I want to build a Midi-Controller using Arduino.
My Controller should feature:
1 Rotary Potentiometer
1 Motor-Fader
LED Metering
Some Buttons and maybe a screen.

I am currently learning to work with an Arduino and i am thankful for every advice. I did some research and i think all the features i want are feasible. I have no specific question yet, but maybe someone has some advice for my exact project, besides the stuff i am learning from youtube etc.

What Arduino should i use, is the Uno the best choice? Maybe someone knows an Arduino kit, which would be a suitable option for me.
In further stages of the building and coding-process i will have some specific questions, so maybe someone offers their help for the future and i could get their contact information.

I am from germany and i am thankful for tips and experiences with online retailers and their products.

Maybe i am lucky and someone offers to be a steady part on this journey!

Thanks in advance for any help.


I would choose an Arduino Leonardo, or Micro or Micro pro, because all of these can plug into a USB socket and be an MIDI USB HID device. Also if you want a conventional five pin device it will handle that as well as being able to debug through the serial port.

You need 12V for the motor but you will feed it with PWM to control the speed. You will need a h-bridge to drive the motor.


Hi fCent. I agree. I bought a Arduino Pro Micro the other day to use as a MIDI controller see ebay item 283052304952

I loaded an example MIDI sketch with my MacBook Pro and it works fine sending MIDI data to the computer. I did notice that you need to be using a recent version if the Arduino IDE as the pluggableUSB library doesn't work on older IDE.

I am now trying to connect it to my Tyros but the Tyros is not recognizing the Pro Micro. Its something to do with the USB Device signature. This is a bit above my pay grade so I am trying to find a solution to this which is how I found your post. Anyway good luck with your project, MIDI is a very interesting subject. I have built a couple of MIDI projects with the Nano also a very nice piece of kit only about £1.50 each from china. But this does not have native accessible USB so I have used the normal DIN interface with the on board uart. I have made a device that sits between the Tyros and a second MIDI keyboard. It takes the midi output from the MIDI keyboard and manipulates it and send it to the Tyros. This allows me to split the 88 key midi keyboard into sections with various effects that were not possible without the device. I also made a bass pedal unit from a set of pedals from an old Yamaha organ which I butchered. Rod

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