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This is an idea of a startup. What about Arduino have large amount of RAM memory? I mean 100 MBytes.

It could support databases, and what else not. Huge working ram is a candy everywhere.

I am looking for your opinion about.



The show-stopper with this is that microcontrollers don't bring out address bus pins in the way microprocessors do, so there is no way to connect additional RAM in a way that is useful as 'working RAM'.


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Any microcontroller could have an SPI for data exchange, like oldschool i80386 EMS memory. Its not light-speed, true. Also not a real EMS memory either. Question is, is that still fair enough for a microcontroller?


MEGA2560 has external memory pins brought out to the large 2*18 header on the far right. Rugged circuits used to offer MEGA ram and QUAD ram modules to directly plug into that header to increase memory to up to 512KB. I wouldn't want my arduino to have any more than that. It would be nice to bring back the MEGA ram since the first 64KB memory needs no additional software to use. They are just like regular memory.
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