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i have been working with an Arduino Duemilanove for a while. Now I ordered an Arduino Due and am experience some problems.
I downloaded the latest Version of the Arduino software (Arduino 1.0.4) and I installed the driver for the Due.
The Arduino Due is connected to my computer, the "ON"-Led is on and the "L"-LED is blinking.
When I start the Arduino software I select the right Com-Port but there is no option to select the right board.
The Arduino Due does not exist in the list of boards (Tools -> Board).
I already deleted the Arduino software and downloaded it once again, but there was no change.

Can someone help me find a possibillity to select the Arduino Due as board?


You need to download the 1.5.2 beta software to program the Due.  1.0.4 does not have the software to do it.


Thank you for the quick response. Now it is working.


I'm having the same problem, but I DO have the Arduino version past 1.5.2.  It is 1.6.7, and the Due still does not appear as an option.  What am I doing wrong?


You have to install SAM boards support trough the board manager

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