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Mar 30, 2016, 08:44 pm Last Edit: Mar 30, 2016, 11:11 pm by raschemmel
Unfortunately theres still something not working at my project. If I run my programm everything works fine, but after some time the arduino just stops working/freezes.(arduino lights still on) The programm just gets stuck at some point. If I press the reset button at the arduino the program starts again but gets stuck again. The points when it stops working are mostly different. I've tried waiting for about 10 minutes but nothing happened. I used different codes to find the problem but it gets stuck always at some point.  
(Quote from Grumpy_Mike)
The only thing missing from that diagram now is the ... missing 4K7 resistors pulling up the I2C lines.  
Reply from OP

as far as I understood, I need 2 4k7 ohm resistors at the beginning of the SDA and SCL line
Answer from GM
Right. The resistors can be fitted anywhere, from the signal line to +5V, the position doesn't matter.  
Apparently, you did not read Mike's comment from Reply#31 carefully.  He specifically states from the signal line to +5V, which is NOT what you describe in the following statement from Reply#59 and what appears in your schematic.

I put one on the SCL and one on the SDA line at the beginning (between A4, the sda port of the aduino and the sda port of the first chip, same goes for A5 and scl)

Of course it doesn't work !


The 4.7 k ohm resistors are supposed to be pullup resistors from SDA (A4) & SCL (A5) to +5V !

They are NOT supposed to be in series.

Many breakout boards have the pullup resistors on board. They are not, (AFAIK) provided as internal pullups with I2C chips.


Im sorry for beeing so dull. After I put the 4k7 resistors to the right spot everything started working.
My problem is solved. Thank you all for helping me soo much.



My problem is solved. Thank you all for helping me soo much.

then you could do 2 things :

- edit your 1st post and write (solved) at the end of the title
- if you want to thank the people you found helpful (maybe first Grumpy Mike and Raschemmel ... ) :click on [add] on the right of "karma" for each of them ;-)


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