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I am trying to program an 8x8 LED matrix using a HT16K33 driver with I2C protocol. I have gone through the driver datasheet and know that I must first turn on the internal oscillator, set the brightness, and set the blink rate. After this, I just want to be able to activate a single pixel at a time, so I am currently trying to turn on one pixel and turn it back off. I have tried many different variations, but still no luck.

Any help is appreciated. I have attached a photo of my code and the driver datasheet.

Thanks :)


You obviously didn't read the sticky on how to post code.  :smiley-roll-blue:


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I have attached a photo of my code
Why not simply, oh, I don't know, just post the code?
Using code tags.
You know, so that people on mobile devices can just read it?
And people can cut and paste the code?

Help others to help you.

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