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Hi All,

Recently I start to develop a cirtcuit with a gps module and gprs module. I used the atmega238p-au. But I have a lot of problem beause I don't have enough space to write the program.

The solution was use other king of chip (Atmega1284-au)

But I need to know what is the pin out for use with arduino. I follow the instructions of Maniac and I have this board include in the arduino program.

Can you help me?




You need to help us to help you by actually providing enough information.
I follow the instructions of Maniac
do you mean these instructions? https://maniacbug.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/arduino-on-atmega1284p-4/
and I have this board include in the arduino program.
If so there are actually multiple boards, which board do you have selected in Tools > Board?


Hi Pert,

Sorry for my explanations. It's my first time in this forum. Yes I follow this instructions to charge the bootloader in the atmega1284p-au using the maniac's page.

But in the maniac's page, the pin definition is for DIL encapsulate. The atmega1284p-au is a TQFP44 and I can't find the pin out for this encapsulate.

I used this "Original Migthy 1284p 16Mhz"



Code: [Select]

           (D 0) PB0 1|        |40 PA0 (AI 0 / D24)
           (D 1) PB1 2|        |39 PA1 (AI 1 / D25)

Take D0(that's the Arduino pin number) for example. In that chart the physical pin number(1) will be different for your chip package but the port(PB0) is the same. So if you look at the ATmega1284P datasheet pinout for TQFP/QFN/MLF you can see that PB0 is physical pin 40. If you want pinouts for the other boards included with Maniac Bug's Mighty 1284P then you first need to determine which variant that board entry uses by finding the {board ID}..build.variant= value in hardware/mighty-1284p/boards.txt and then open hardware/mighty-1284p/variants/{variant name found in boards.txt}/pins_arduino.h.

Now if you're using any recent version of Arduino IDE then the Maniac Bug Mighty 1284P package is way outdated and you should use the active fork of that project at https://github.com/JChristensen/mighty-1284p or my new favorite is https://github.com/MCUdude/MightyCore.


ManiacBug's stuff is outdated. Please consider using the well-maintained fork by Jack Christensen:


Both CrossRoads (Bob) and I are using the Bobuino mapping instead of ManiacBug's original mapping. You get more support if you go with the more popular mapping, which also makes more sense.
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@liudr I am developing a 1284p-based board but have been using ManiacBug's mapping. I believe JChristensen is using that as well. What are the benefits to switching? I'm about to send a design to print, so I can still change it.


Better in terms of mimicing uno pin mapping.
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